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Primary Genre: Goth
Secondary Genre: New Age/Ambient
Contact Name: Ruffian Angel
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Our music is written from a love of life and respect for the free will of sentient beings, acknowledging the sacredness of all creation.  Our single most important goal is having a good time, a good life together; being happy; and sharing that happiness with you if that is your choosing. :o)

Artist Information

Formed in late 2007 after a false start as a larger punk-rock project , Themis as a duo features Ruffian Angel (Micheal, principal song writer, guitarist and vocalist) and The Countess (Kathleen, drums, percussion, vocals).

Lead singer and guitarist Ruffian Angel (Micheal) set out to morph the band into an all-ages effort, focused on producing original material extolling the beauty of nature and ecology in a Wiccan-like framework of ecological beliefs.

Themis launched into something original, friendly, Gothicus and evolving between the light and the darkness some time between the Middle Ages and tomorrow. Meaning that it is hard to categorize except to say that it is Wicca Rock, a new genre.
Each song is: melodic, most have ultra bright lyrics filled with hope and love with a quick time for dance; feature live tribal drumming (no drum machines) and percussively rhythmic guitar. 

Themis uniquely combines classic rock elements with a progressive and decidedly gothic sound.

Themis songs have catchy melodies and tell stories with Wicca themes, such as a profound love of nature, a reverence for all life, and the power of nature's omnipotent rule over man's mortal law.
Appropriately named after Themis, the Greek Titanness of nature's law and order, Themis has a spirit, a philosophy and a big sound.

Themis delivers hauntingly beautiful melodies, vividly descriptive stories, and an entertaining live act that makes you either comfortably engrossed in your seat or explosive on the dance floor.

The songs carry through and meld with one another as in a rock opera, promulgating their message: "The beauty of this day is not lost on me...On this wooden log in the Forest of Life, I carve my flute with my hands and my knife for the love of life" as in their Web Music hit 'Love of Life'.

Ruffian is the band's front-man, combining powerful vocals with occasional unrelenting guitar leads and a generally percussive style of rythmic guitar.

The Countess- Percussion, second vocals

Your Angel 2009 and 2010 (single with bonus track)
(Full electronic release; on ITunes, CDBaby, ... etc.)

Streaming/Radio Airplay:
'Love of Life' - on CBC Radio 3 and Webradio Canada

'Your Angel' - on CBC Radio 3 and Webradio Canada


Press Reviews

E-Music Download Review: Themis


Here's a new Toronto band breaking new ground both in music and in spirit.

Not your usual mythical, floating fantasy Goth band, Themis is a 'Wicca band'.

Not witches but musical forest nymphs or maybe even gypsies, Themis members write noble stories promoting life in the arms of nature; the just care for nature's resources and beauty; and a soulful expression of earth's balance with mankind and nature. No doubt you won't be surprised to learn they are Vegans.

We have six Themis MP3 downloads for you including the top three gothic downloads:

    * Themis: Love of life
    * Themis: Your Angel
    * Themis Shattered

Download the demos and hear for yourself.

Without the help of their local hometown crowd we met near the Oak Ridges Moraine in southern Aurora, Themis is a band that at first defied categorization. According to Jourdain, a former member of Themis who attended the event with a group of very enthusiastic Themis fans, the band is a former Punk rock ensemble of numerous moonlighting members of other bands. "The new music direction is about loving life, nature and  earth as a living thing," he added.

That may explain why elements of Goth, Metal, and  Punk come together with something new altogether to create a truly unique experience. Some friendly members of the crowd at Goodtime Cafe (Wicca folk) at a Themis performance in early June 2008 told me that Themis is a Gothic Wicca Band. Perfect. Wicca, a new genre.

According to Themis Drummer, Kathleen (The Countess), "We of Themis are in Mother Earths nature, humbled in reverence as if in the temple of the Lord and Lady. Not prone to the arrogance of human technology as they touch our souls, we of Themis are collectively healers, teachers, seekers, givers, and protectors of all things."

Themis music is written by delightful vegans who are eclectic Wiccans as well as being talented musicians.

Enjoy the music. :=)

Kirby Anderson


All Original Music.

Your Angel
Love of Life
Celestial Stalker
Dancing Water Spiders
Sleeping Angels
Demon Bites
The Dancing Dinosaurs
Our sets are typically 1 hour.

Basic Gear

4-channel Mixer

8-Channel Mixer

Various Guitar and Vocal effects pedals and consoles

Full 600 Watt PA and Monitor System (Yorkville Professional Speakers)

2 Guitar Amps:
1 Marshall 275,
1 Vox VT100

1 Full Pearl Drum Kit

1 Generator (outdoor gigs)