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See "Handfasting" and also "Themis: Our Gothic Wiccan Wedding"

Themis: Our Wiccan Wedding Vows Renewal

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We are Ruffian Angel and The Countess, a married couple of musicians comprising the GothicRuffian Angel and The Countess of Themis Wicca Rock Band, Themis.

Because many people have asked for this information we have decided to publish detailed aspects of our private life: our Wiccan Wedding and subsequent annual renewals.

Our goal in doing this is to assist and encourage those couples seeking to have their own special day in their own special way. This type of ceremony should appeal to anyone who favours earth-based religions such as Wicca but it is not exclusive to anyone, no matter what religion or sexual preference. All love is beautiful. 

We were married in Jordan, Ontario which is a beautiful place. We essentially remarry every year and stay each  year at the Jordan Village Guest Manor in Jordan, Ontario. It is located at 3864 Main St. Jordan, Ontario L0R 1S0 and Sheldon or Judy can be reached at (905) 562-8269. Tell them we sent you and they will quickly understand your special needs.

Sheldon Kofsky is truly a beautiful human being as is his wife and family. Sheldon's talent for human relationships is a true gift and his ability to adapt to any wedding situation will keep you comfortable at every moment. In this regard it is likely that the best and the most beautiful minds draw their own kind to themselves. That is likely why you will find your way to Jordan, Ontario.

January 1, 2010

Themis Renewal of Vows and HandFasting Renewal

We are gathered here today to share a moment between Micheal and Kathleen, as they renew their pledge to each other

Ancient philosophers once believed that the soul is a substance.  It is matter that can neither be held, nor seen, but exists in all dimensions.  What is the purpose of the soul? How do we touch it? How does it grow?  Does it guide us? Is it separate from our conscious lives? What happens when two souls become intertwined?

Every soul has its mate. A soul is bliss, a soul is energy, and when two souls are meant to be together, that is love.

Love is a short, simple, word that is both overused and underused.  It means different things to different people.  As a soul is to an individual, Love is to a couple.  It is the intangible thing that ties two people together.  It exists beyond the walls we put up in our daily lives, and consequently, it allows us to accept each others faults, expose our vulnerabilities freely, commit to one another, and support each other.  It is only natural that we want to grow old with the one we love and the one that loves us, because it is with this person that we are whole, honest, and selfless.


 I Will Be Here

If in the morning when you wake

If the sun does not appear I will be here

If in the dark we lose sight of love

Hold my hand and have no fear I will be here.

I will be here

When you feel like being quiet

When you need to speak your mind I will listen

Through the winning, losing, and trying we’ll be together

And I will be here

Renewal Vows

This Oath or pledge continues today, tomorrow and forevermore:

When you are sad, I will dry your tears.
When you are scared, I will comfort your fears.
When you are worried, I will give you hope.
When you are confused, I will help you cope.
And when you are lost, and can't see the light,
I will be your beacon, shining ever so bright.
This is my oath; I pledge to the end.
Why you may ask? Because you are my lover and friend.

What has this year meant to me, because to the depths of me, I have loved one person, with all of my heart, my mind, my body and my soul.

I have a forever friend who I have trusted with the intimacies of me, who has not held them against me, who loves me when I am unlikeable, who sees the small child in me, and looks for the divine potential of me.

I have someone to cuddle in the warmth of the night with someone who is thankful, with someone I feel blessed to hold and be with.

HandFasting Renewal

As you hold your hands together we place each of these coloured cords around them each has a meaning for you which builds on your first year of many years as partners in love and life.


The first cord signifies: passion, strength, fertility, courage, vigor, lust, danger,


The second cord signifies: encouragement, attraction, plenty, kindness.


The third cord signifies: attraction, charm, harmony, knowledge, learning, jealousy, joy


The fourth cord signifies: finances, fertility, luck, prosperity, beauty, health, plant kingdom herbal healing,


The fifth cord signifies: tranquility, wisdom understanding, patience, truth, honor, loyalty, peace,


The sixth cord signifies: power, sentimentality,  sadness, high ideals, spiritual protection and healing,


The seventh cord signifies strength, empowerment, vision, success, pure love, banishing evil or negativity.


The eighth cord signifies: balance, neutrality,  and return to the universe


The ninth cord signifies: unity, romance, happiness, healing, emotional love friendship, spiritual healing, banishing hatred


The tenth cord signifies: The earth, trees, concentration, telepathy, healing, skills, talent, nurturing, home & hearth, pets, and animals,


The eleventh cord signifies: purity, the moon, treasure, values, female energy, unconscious mind, creativity, inspiration, vision.


The twelfth cord signifies: the sun, male energy, financial wisdom, attracting happiness, activity, intelligence, unity, longevity, strength.


The final or thirteenth cord which is white, covers all previous cords and it signifies: purity, consecration, meditation, exorcism, the full moon, healing, peace, spiritual strength, truth, serenity and devotion. may be substituted for any other color

The Reading:

Love is a friendship that has caught fire.
It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving.
It is loyalty through good and bad.
It settles for less than perfection, and makes allowances for human weakness.
Love is content with the present.
It hopes for the future and it doesn’t brood over the past.
It’s the day-in and day-out chronicle of irritations, problems, compromises, small disappointments, big victories, and working toward common goals.

If you have love in your life,
it can make up for a great many things you lack.
If you don’t have it, no matter what else there is,
it is not enough, so search for it, ask your soul for it, and share it!

The Declaration of Marriage
We have heard your promise to share your lives in marriage; we recognize and respect the covenant of marriage you have made here, before each one of us as witnesses. Therefore, in the honesty and sincerity of what you have said and done, and with the authority given me by the Province of Ontario, it is my honour and a delight to now pronounce you husband and wife.

You may seal your vows with a Kiss

Signing of the Renewal document


Introduction of the Wiccan Couple:

It is my pleasure to introduce Micheal and Kathleen, on this the first day of January 2010 their first anniversary renewal of vows

See also "Themis: Our Gothic Wiccan Wedding"

Chaplains Sheldon Kofsky and Judy Kofsky can be reached at (905) 562-8269.

Tell them we sent you and they will quickly understand your special needs.

Jordan Guest Manor

3864 Main St. Jordan, Ontario L0R 1S0 Canada