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Wicca is about Earth more than anything. It is a new religion. It is about feminism and nature. Some give that definition a name like "Dianic Wicca" or "Goddess Worship" but this distinctive eco-theistic belief has been recently and more accurately described as Themis* Wicca.

Themis Wicca sees deity in the totality of all life energy in Earth's biosphere and beyond.

Themis Wiccans are not usually creationists but follow what has become a modern scientific theory called the 'Gaia hypothesis' which advances that the biosphere and all physical components of Earth are closely integrated to form a complex interacting system that maintains the climatic and bio-geo-chemical conditions on Earth. In a word, "Life". That may go beyond Earth.

Each part of the integrated biological-chemical-geological system is crucial and in need of nurturing. All life is interdependent. A Themis Wiccan tends to see that collective energy as a powerful deity.

There is no mythical bearded 'God', as "god" is everything of the  living Earth/Universe.
There is no mythical evil creature or evil deity (devil), a huge departure from Christianity.

The Wiccan rede in 8 words: "An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will", covers morality.
It's a "Ten Commandments", Jewish "Sayings" and "Golden Rule" in beautiful simplicity:
Do nothing that brings harm to anyone.

ThemisThemis Wiccan Creed - Ethical and Spiritual Standards for our Music and our LivesThemis

  1. We will not support anything that would oppress, injure, torture, or kill other living beings.
  2. We encourage forsaking violence as a means of settling differences believing Earth cannot be changed for the better unless the consciousness of individuals is changed first.
  3. Knowing music has great influence on human  consciousness, particularly over the young, we pledge to increase our awareness by disciplining our own minds through education and positive thought.
  4. Each of us depends on the well-being of the whole hence we have respect for the community of living beings: for people, animals, and plants; and for the preservation of Earth, air, water and soil.

* Themis, a Greek Goddess of Justice, her name meaning 'law of nature' rather than human ordinance, was the mythological Titaness of good counsel. She was said to be the embodiment of divine order, law, custom and conceivably the first true Wiccan. Themis is patroness of all existing rights.