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All Ages Concert! You are Invited to The U-Turn Concert

On August 2nd, 2009, 6:00 Pm Themis invites Downsview Park
Themis at U-Turn Concert Themis on stage at 6: PM, Sunday Aug 2
More information:
 Hanger #10 - 3, GP Kartways - Toronto
75 Carl Hall Rd
Toronto, ON
Sun Aug 2nd, 2009 ALL AGES
FREE ADMISSION 1:30 to 6 PM [ First 400 people]
Gate Opens at 1:30
$10 includes a souvenir T shirt
In Support of Canadian Cancer Society and Children Wish Foundation

About Themis - Wicca Rock

Themis makes a commitment to respect life and dignity, individuality and diversity, Themis - Your Angelso that in all of our doings, every person is treated humanely, without exception. We must have patience and acceptance. We must be able to forgive, learning from the past but never allowing ourselves to be enslaved by memories of hate. Opening our hearts to one another, we the members of Themis must sink our narrow differences for the cause of our larger community, practicing a culture of solidarity and relatedness.

We of Themis consider humankind a family. We each strive to be kind and generous. We must not live for ourselves alone, but should also serve others, never forgetting the children, the aged, the poor, the suffering, the disabled, the refugees and the lonely. No person should ever be considered or treated as a second-class citizen, or be exploited in any way whatsoever. There should be equal partnership between men and women. We must not commit any kind of sexual immorality. We must discourage all forms of domination or abuse.

We of Themis commit ourselves to a culture of non-violence, respect, justice, and peace. We of Themis in our music, performances, lyrics or promotions shall not oppress, injure, torture, or kill other human beings, and will encourage forsaking violence as a means of settling differences.

We of Themis will strive for a just social and economic order, in which everyone has an equal chance to Themis - Dancing water spidersreach full potential as a human being. Themis band wil endeavour to speak and act truthfully and with compassion, dealing fairly with all, and avoiding prejudice and hatred. We and our music must move beyond the dominance of greed for power, prestige, money, and consumption to make a just and peaceful world.

We of Themis band believe Earth cannot be changed for the better unless the consciousness of individuals is changed first. Knowing that music and various music cultures have great influence, particularly over the young, we pledge to increase our awareness by disciplining our minds, through education and by positive thinking.

We of Themis commit ourselves to encouraging socially beneficial, peace-fostering, and nature-friendly ways of life.